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We are an well reputed world wide graphic Studio providing
clipping path, Photoshop Masking, Drop Shadow, Image Retouching, Image Manipulation, Ratster to Vector, Logo and Web Template services at the fast turnaround time and at the relatively low cost.

Our core services

Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path is an effective way to remove background from a photograph.Simply,It is a closed….

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Photoshop masking

Image masking is one of the best image processing techniques. It is utilized to take out the background…

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Photoshop Retouching

Images are media to attract. However, getting the perfect image is not always that easy. Often little….

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Image Shading Services

When any image separated from the original background, its essential to add natural shadow to To….

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Image manipulation service

Image Manipulation is one of the Photoshop technique to editing an Image and to generate fantasy….

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Photo Restoration Service

Image restoration is the most proficient lovesome access that attains to reconstruct or recomposing….

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Raster to Vector conversion

Shortly way Raster means an image is made of up pixels, each one a different color, set to…

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Neck Joint

Neck joint services are ordinarily employed to articulate or add up the neck to the promising image….

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Other Servicesg

Image colorization is a process of adding color from gray scale to monochrome image. Image….

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Our Goal

ClippersEra are an well reputed world wide graphic Studio. Our goal is to be one of the reputed leading company of IT sector in the world by increasing our business and grow our branches all over the world specially in developing country. We specially focused on female and the orphans of the 3rd world countries so they get interested to join in the IT sector and can find out a satisfactory life. in a nut shell we target is to expand IT in developing country
and working against proverty with our clients satisfaction.

Secret of our strength

  • 60+ Skilled Graphic Designers.
  • 9+ Creative Designers.
  • 12 Strict Quality Controllers.
  • Super Fast Internet Connection
  • Three Shifts Duty Schedule
  • Ability to handle 3000 image processing Each day.
  • Strong Management.
  • Wonderful working environement.
  • Friendly working relationship.
  • Honesty and Sincerity.

David Hutton, Florida, USA,

Excellent quality, fast service, I was expecting a one of my job 12 hours turnaround and the job was completed in  6 hours. I'll alwasy use you great guys..

Marco Goyak, Toronto,Canada

Wonderful service: good price, efficient, job well done and quick! Love it...Best wishes..

Lana, Toronto. Canada

Wonderful service. Quick, reliable, fast turnaround, attention to detail and will redo any image until you are completely satisfied with the photos at no extra cost. I'll definitly recommand you to all, who are in this field..

Kathy Wenzel,

I would like to thank your Clippers Era for their fantastic quality, quick turn around and wonderful professionalism. I look forward to work more with this company....

Ronnie Hayes, Oklahoma.

These guys are really  rocking.. Turn around time was super fast! We will be using them all the time from now on.  Thank you so much!

Jason Jerry Johnson, Denmark.

Have been using several companies for 18 months , but couldn't satisfied at all..Just come through Clippers Era..They are really great to work with - friendly, helpful and if there are any mistakes (and they are few) they are sorted with no problems. Highly recommend them and best wishes for them..

John Cahill,

Fantastic Job indeed. Quick turnaround, and excellent attention to detail. Will definitely use you guys again. Many thanks.

Gabriele, Canada.

We requested for 45 clipping path photos. They did an awesome job. Submitted and paid my order on sunday night and received the pictures monday morning. Excellent service!!!

Douglas, UK

Incredible and fast work with amazing customer service!

Ron Hanlon, NY, USA

What a great service with a very user friendly and amazing website. My whole order from start to finish only took about 6 hours. My client was very happy with the finished work.They helped me to raise my business..I'm very thankful to Clippers Era..All the best for them..

Why client choose us

  • Free Trials..
  • Low cost service..
  • No need to make payment before finishing project.
  • Working Quality satisfaction guarantee.
  • Quick and Fast turnaround.
  • Quotation provides within one hour.
  • Triple quality checking system.
  • Volume discount
  • 24 hours online support..
  • Monthly payment schedule available for regular clients.
  • Secure FTP ID & Password for each Client.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality & Security Urgent Delivery
    (3h, 6h, 12h & 24 hours)
  • Vast amount of photo or image processing capability each day
  • Work schedule of team is 24/7- 365 days

Special features

Bulk image processing service

If you have BULK QUANTITY of Images, Please send us some sample images and we will provide you with the most competitive discounted price and exact turnaround time.
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Free trial

Clippers Era Ltd can assure you that all of our work are done with highly caring to keep our good will..To ensure risk free evalution for
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FTP File Upload Request

FTP is the most powerful and reliable method of uploading and downloading large file or large number of file(s).If  you have a largeume of files, FTP is the only choice then
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How to place an order or reqeust a quote

We would like to ask you register you on our site to be more closer with us, then log in and go directly to request quote page..But if you dont have account, no
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Monthly payment plan

Clippers Era Ltd offers monthly payment sysytem for Only regular clients, who use us regular basis for their large volume jobs. Do you need it, please knock us, we will inform you if you are eligible for this or not
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Payment Method

You can pay with your Paypal account,Western Union, Payoneer, Moneybookers,  MasterCard, Visa,Direct Debit and American Express. Read additional frequently asked
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Our pricing varies frm job to job depending on sevice and image complexity..We offer discount and flat rate for bulk orders. For emergency delivery Price is a little bit high.
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